[Nitro] Facets Annotations, Og startup speed

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Tue Apr 24 17:40:42 EDT 2007


just for the interested, by fixing up some more stuff and also going
into facets, number's down to ~2200 and 16 second boot time.

[00:17]  <Jo[work]> allright, 2200 and only 16 seconds :)
[00:20]  <wyhaines> 2200?
[00:21]  <Jo[work]> you remember the startup time of 90 seconds?
[00:22]  <Jo[work]> that was with ~23000 calls to facets
[00:22]  <wyhaines> Ah.
[00:22]  <wyhaines> Much better.
[00:23]  <Jo[work]> yes, much better :)
[00:23]  <wyhaines> 16 still seems like a long time, but 90 is just plain  
stupid.  :)
[00:24]  <Jo[work]> I agree, that's why I took the whole day off,  
profiling ;/
[00:24]  <Jo[work]> like I wrote on ML, this was with just 41 Models (~ 50  
[00:26]  <wyhaines> Wow.  Decent hardware?
[00:26]  <Jo[work]> old iBook :)
[00:27]  <Jo[work]> so not quite slow, but certainly not the fastest
[00:27]  <Jo[work]> but really, the 90 seconds really annoyed me then...
[00:30]  <wyhaines> Kansas does the 134 table db i just tested in about a  
second....  ;)
[00:31]  <Jo[work]> figures :)
[00:31]  <Jo[work]> can I quote that?  just to annoy George :P

No, not really to annoy George, but I certainly feel to be quite the
laughingstock by using Og ;)

With that, good night everyone.


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