[Nitro] Facets Annotations, Og startup speed

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Tue Apr 24 13:04:59 EDT 2007


I did some profiling of a starting Og application, this is the raw startup,
table creation and ObjectSpace search shut off.

Fields from left to right (see attached image):
    %Total   |   %Self  |   Total  |  Self  |  Children  |  Calls  |  Name

This is for 41 Models, and needed 90 seconds for my little machine
to start.  (This is actually after my first round of optimization, it was
~23500 calls before.)
(I shocked Kirk Haines with the 90 second startup, him asking if I was
running a Pentium2 and having 3000 tables :P)

I've gotten that down to 30 seconds now (and only a little over 5000
calls to ann()).  This clearly shows that annotations are really a
bottleneck for Og at that point.  I haven't done any profiling running
queries yet, so there might be some 'air' for improvement as well.

Can we do anything to speed annotations up?  Or is it just the number
of times it gets called.  (5000 is still huge)


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