[Nitro] About syntax highlighting on np.org

Lionel ORRY lionel.orry at gmail.com
Fri Apr 13 05:06:05 EDT 2007

Hi everybody, and especially George.

first, congratulations for the new website. (I'm a bit late, but anyway...)
I noticed that you were recently more and more interested in jQuery
(and for cause, it is an excellent library). And since
nitroproject.org uses jQuery, I had a suggestion to make the syntax
highlighting less obtrusive (no more thousands of spans in the html):
a jQuery extension called Chili. Here is the link:


Have a look, it is a very interesting piece of software. I am aware
that there is no support for Ruby code for now, but it would be quite
easy to add (a few regexp and that's done) and would be a kind of
contribution to Chili.

Unfortunately I am too busy to take the initiative and implement the
ruby code regexp, but I thought it was worth introducing this library.
Now it's up to you.


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