[Nitro] Roadmap 0.50

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Fri Apr 13 03:16:06 EDT 2007


> If glue is going to go away in future releases, will its inclusion be
> transparent in 0.50, such that, when it does disappear, users need not
> change their code?

yes, I guess the transition will be smooth, as most of the user-visible
stuff is in glue/ folders within nitro/og anyway (which I don't think
will be going away anytime soon).

> As for specs, if I run across a bug and want to make a test case for it,
> do I just follow the examples in "find . -name 'tc_*' " ?

No, have a look inside the {raw,og,...}spec/ folder.

But anyway, like I said, can we prefix the specs with tc_ as well?  George?


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