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Judson Lester nyarly at gmail.com
Fri Apr 13 00:31:34 EDT 2007

On 4/12/07, Jonathan Buch <john at oxyliquit.de> wrote:

> Judson Lester:  I hope you aren't yet fed up with Nitro and are still
> with us to help with that issue.  The spec/test ratio is a little
> frightening right now and myself I'm not yet fully comfortable with
> specs.

Not fed up.  Just absorbed on other projects.  I'm still around, and Og
especially is high on my list of projects.

> Btw, what was the reason to call use a destroying launch_og configuration?
> My guess is, that you feared clashes between classes.  At one time I
> dedicated quite some time to make all tests run 'together'.  This is
> done by using a different 'namespace' for each test.  This greatly
> reduces the time the tests take (I loathe too long useless
> testing/starting
> times, which is why also a :classes option for Og.start exists).

I was destroying the db after each test in order to make sure that each spec
is independent.  The classes are one thing, entries in the db are another.

## spec/store.rb
> context "A store"
>    setup do
>      module SpecStore
>        class User
> Would this structure be ok to use for all specs

Yes, this'll successfully restrict the class defs to the context they're
part of.

and could the quick_setup
> be revised to reuse a single Og connection?

Maybe, but: the real problem, IMO, is that storing stuff to a database is
necessarily a stateful operation.  So, if the DB isn't destroyed between
specs, the specification isn't really valid, you know?

One possibility that I like would be to use SQLite in memory mode, since
that'd be blazing to setup and teardown - except that SQLite doesn't seem to
like to drop and database unless all the connections on it are properly
closed.  I'm pretty sure that it could be made to work, but just swapping in
SQLite with a :memory option results in a failures because the DB doesn't
get dropped.

If that can't be worked, maybe separate dbs could be created by threads and
made available in order?  That's probably a little baroque.

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