[Nitro] Roadmap 0.50

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Thu Apr 12 10:46:20 EDT 2007

Hi devs,

George and I agreed on a Roadmap to Nitro 0.50 on #irc (and I think
everyone will agree to it :P)

Release date:  ~ 20th May (shortly after Gs marriage).


* Convert all Unit::Tests to Specs
* Make all specs go green
* Release

I pestered George a bit and we agreed to put all other stuff behind
and make a new stable release as fast as possible, as 0.41 isn't
really 'satisfactory' to some.

Judson Lester:  I hope you aren't yet fed up with Nitro and are still
with us to help with that issue.  The spec/test ratio is a little
frightening right now and myself I'm not yet fully comfortable with
Btw, what was the reason to call use a destroying launch_og configuration?
My guess is, that you feared clashes between classes.  At one time I
dedicated quite some time to make all tests run 'together'.  This is
done by using a different 'namespace' for each test.  This greatly
reduces the time the tests take (I loathe too long useless testing/starting
times, which is why also a :classes option for Og.start exists).

## spec/store.rb
context "A store"
   setup do
     module SpecStore
       class User

Would this structure be ok to use for all specs and could the quick_setup
be revised to reuse a single Og connection?
I very much liked the 2 stores in the test/CONFIG.rb which were reused.

Everyone, please make Nitro go green, before George gets ideas for the
'next cool feature' and delays the relase!  ;)
I'm willing to review any spec when you want me to.  Just send me the
files, new people are very much welcome to try their code-foo!  :)


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