[Nitro] TextArea and DateTime controls

Robert Mela rmela at rcn.com
Sun Apr 8 21:45:36 EDT 2007

Two questions:

1) The DateTime control ( raw/lib/raw/view/control/attribute/datetime.rb 
) is not implemented.  If I'm feeling ambitious and have the time, does 
anyone have ideas on how they'd like to see it implemented, or are there 
partial implementations laying around just waiting to be finished?

2) I've specified a textarea control for one of the attributes of a model:

     attr_accessor :content, String, :control => :textarea

How do I modify that to set row and col attributes for the textarea?

And one random idea:

Someone sent me a link to a utility that compiles rails apps to native 
UI applications:

I can envision doing the same thing with Nitro.   Assuming there existed 
a parallel set of controls that generates native UI components instead 
of HTML, it'd be neat if there were some global switch that could be 
flipped to switch between the two.

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