[Nitro] injecting Og functionality

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Fri Apr 6 05:08:37 EDT 2007


sorry for not taking part in the orgiginal discussion, just trying to
wrap it up.  :P

>> > It might be worth talking about whether it makes sense to fail fast on
>> > missing Og::Model inclusions, and when to do that.
>>  Yes. I think it pretty trivial to add "is Model" to a class.
>> In either case, I feel those should be the only two ways to do it. B/c
>> it is efficient, not overly magical, and serves all use cases. The
>> attr magic is neat, but I've always felt it complicates things
>> unnecessarily.
>Ok, give me a day or two to finalize the forum stuff on np.org (and
> maybe work a bit on georgeandstella.com, remember, I am getting
> married ;-)) and then I will make Og work more or less as you suggest

So, the new Og will look like:

class MyModel
   is Og::Model

   attr_accessor :foo, Bar

With no other 'enchanting' method allowed?


Feel the love

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