[Nitro] HTTP verbs and headers

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Thu Apr 5 08:12:38 EDT 2007


sorry for the long delay.  :)

> The program just requests 'http://localhost/' using different HTTP verbs
> and prints the returned status codes. All requests return '200 OK'.
> According to the HTTP specs I should get a '405 Method Not Allowed' when
> using 'unallowed' verbs. I'm not actually sure if Nitro is responsible  
> for the headers (might be set by webrick/mongrel), but maybe it is  
> fixable.
> (For 'correct' behaviour, please test against 'www.w3.org').
> Any comments or suggestions?

Yes, Nitro is responsible for that, as it would have to treat 'PUT'
differently from 'POST', but not disallow 'POST' (like w3.org) on the
spot.  Nitro would have to check for every action if the action
'accepts' post/put/get/head, which isn't really all too great (some meta-
data would have to be used).

So, that it just returns 200 for all is ok in my eyes.  (Unless there's
an error in my reasoning here....)


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