[Nitro] nitro + scgi

Bill Kelly billk at cts.com
Wed Sep 27 12:19:14 EDT 2006

From: "Fabian Buch" <fabian at fabian-buch.de>
> Am 27.09.2006 um 02:30 schrieb Bill Kelly:
>> I'm guessing I need to set up something different in my run.rb,
>> so that it somehow goes into "SCGI mode" instead of "Webrick mode",
>> and maybe something to specfiy that DRb should be used....
> For Nitro 0.31.0 and earlier:
> Nitro::Runner.adapter = :scgi
> In future, not yet released versions:
> Nitro.adapter = :scgi

Thanks; I tried adding 

  Nitro::Runner.adapter = :scgi

to my run.rb (I'm using Nitro 0.30.0), but it appears to have
made no difference.

> I've never used scgi myself, I'd guess you need to run the  
> scgi_service script before starting scgi_ctrl start.

Invoking scgi_ctrl start, appears to run the service for me.
`ps` shows a process running with the command line:

  ruby script/scgi_service conf/scgi.yaml

Unfortunately, it still starts up with Webrick.  :(



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