[Nitro] TRANS: Facets annotation problems

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Thu Sep 21 19:52:13 EDT 2006


> No problem. I looked at it today. And will keep at it until self works
> properly again.

Great :D

Well, since the form is quite easy to detect, it doesn't actually matter
if the `ann.self` works.  Something semantically equivalent will do.

> Hmm... I think it actaully annotates the Singleton class. Yet this is
> one of those things I've debated and have never felt 100% settled. The
> other viable option is to annotate the object itself.

I think it would be nice to have obj.ann annotate the object but I might
miss something.  It would remove an extra keyword to remember (annotate)
and 'unify' the interface to annotations.

Another question, what does the `Annotator` class do?

> No worries. I welcome critque as it helps me work out the kinks. The
> dog poo inference stunk though as poo tends to do ;-)



Feel the love

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