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Fabian Buch fabian at fabian-buch.de
Wed Sep 20 11:53:53 EDT 2006

Am 20.09.2006 um 14:04 schrieb TRANS:
> Can anyone give me a run down of gen's functionailty --what it is
> inteded to do exactly, how it basically goes about doing it, and the
> current state of development.

gen app

is the only useful generator till 0.31.0. It generates a basic Nitro  
application (by copying the proto dir) with a common Nitro directory  
layout you can use to go on to develop your own Nitro app.

gen form

works, but with not really useful output imho. Gen scaffolding from  
riffraff is supposed to replace this, I think, but see below.

gen part

Plugs Nitro Parts into your Nitro application. This is not needed  
with easy parts, that have no content in public/ and if the user  
doesn't want to customize it internally. But with bigger parts (am  
just developing some) it copies the part into your Nitro application  
folder, can be customized and can contain public files, such as  
images and stylesheets.
Current state: works stable with 0.40.0 glycerin and will be released  
with next Nitro version.

gen scaffolding
gen administration

Both developed by riffraff in his Google Summer of Code project. Gen  
scaffolding creates forms I think. Gen administration generates  
something like part/admin for your app, but more advanced than part/ 
Current state: not in official repo. And probably won't get in next  
Nitro version (depending on when it'll be released and other  
factors). If I find some time I'll mail riffraff about this and  
debate about it a little. The main problem: current patches brake  
nitro repos. Other problems I have with it include: should think  
about whether gen administration couldn't be a part again and if  
needed customized by a generator (either gen part, or if really  
needed gen administrator). Unless that's sorted out I don't think  
these two will get into Nitro releases.

I have more ideas for Gen, especially for gen part, but until then  
gen app and gen part work nice and are the main usages behind Gen  
(for me).


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