[Nitro] TRANS: Facets annotation problems

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Tue Sep 19 15:43:41 EDT 2006


> Ummm... have you considered how such words might make me feel? Maybe
> you should try writing it yourself to get some perspective.

No I didn't, I feel worse now.
Sorry, that was too rash.  I was still kind of under the impression
of that magic box called annotations and didn't want to hurt any

The view from outside (besides the many ways to access annotations)
is nice, but _very_ hard to understand (for me?).

Thanks for answering the two questions in great detail.

> Okay, well, I can do that if need be. But I think it is important for
> other people to know how the Facets elements of Nitro work too. I
> don't think it's good that I'm the only one.

Yes, you right, I'll make an effort to understand better how that magic

The problem with the something.ann.self.  I remember you saying that it
doesn't work in the newest Facets version.  Would be great if it would
work (again?) like in facets 1.4.5 since that would make migrating alot

In Og I found those two forms:

* ann :self, {...}
* ann self, {...}

Are these any different?

How does the annotating of classes

*  class Foo; ann :function, :s => 'a'; end

differ from annotating objects.

* obj.annotate ...

By reading the code I found out (in facets 1.4.5) that obj.ann annotates
the superclass?

I apologize again for having chosen rather bad words to express what I


Feel the love

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