[Nitro] Install problem...

Ric Turley lists at zarac.com
Sun Sep 17 13:13:57 EDT 2006

Thanks Jo,

> From: "Jonathan Buch" <john at oxyliquit.de>
> That sounds like you are missing RedCloth, but I might be wrong.  Care to
> show the application you were trying to build?

You hit the nail on the head - I changed to my red t-shirt, typed "gem
install RedCloth", tried running the examples again and got a bang, just a
little bang, but indeed a bang.

> Well... to put it that way:  Nitro ain't exactly for the faint of heart.
> It's sadly not as polished as it could be, also because we're so few
> and lack the type of users who are _only_ users.
> That said, I think you can grow as a Ruby coder when you stick around,
> and possibly stick your head into Nitro.  It'll be a bumpy fun ride. :P

I live on the treed edge of Black Diamond moguls on my snowboard, so maybe
Nitro will give me the off-season bang I crave. Off to mix more Nitro.

Thanks again,

PS - I sometimes exaggerate...

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