[Nitro] Install problem...

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Sun Sep 17 11:45:23 EDT 2006


> I'm I Ruby Newbie wanting to play with Nitro, but not getting much bang.  
> I'm on FreeBSD based MacOS 10.4.7.

Welcome to Nitro. :)

> I've installed Nitro, but can't run Tiny example. Tiny wanted Glue, Glue
> wanted Facets, but didn't like Facets 1.7.46, installed 1.4.5, installed
> Glue and now get this error:

Yes, unfortunately Nitro doesn't work with Facets greather than 1.4.5  
there are too huge changes in the annotation system.  I think TRANS wanted
to look for some compatibility in the next versions?  Not sure.

>     /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/nitro-0.31.0/lib/nitro/compiler/markup.rb:7:
> uninitialized constant Glue::Markup (NameError)
> I have no idea how to initialize constant Glue::Markup, or even what Glue
> does.

That sounds like you are missing RedCloth, but I might be wrong.  Care to
show the application you were trying to build?

Glue is kind of an extra lib which provides tools (like facets) and is the
'glue' between Nitro and Og.

> I feel like I will have to be a Ruby expert to run Nitro - am I out of   
> my league here? Is this the right place for me to ask questions?

Well... to put it that way:  Nitro ain't exactly for the faint of heart.
It's sadly not as polished as it could be, also because we're so few
and lack the type of users who are _only_ users.
That said, I think you can grow as a Ruby coder when you stick around,
and possibly stick your head into Nitro.  It'll be a bumpy fun ride. :P

This is exactly the right place to ask such questions, right besides
the IRC channel #nitro at irc.freenode.net .

Sorry for not being able to help right now, you have to provide a little
more information, like posting the file you were executing, or if you
used `gen` to make a example app etc.


Feel the love

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