[Nitro] Install problem...

Ric Turley lists at zarac.com
Sun Sep 17 09:44:17 EDT 2006

I'm I Ruby Newbie wanting to play with Nitro, but not getting much bang. I'm
on FreeBSD based MacOS 10.4.7.

I've installed Nitro, but can't run Tiny example. Tiny wanted Glue, Glue
wanted Facets, but didn't like Facets 1.7.46, installed 1.4.5, installed
Glue and now get this error:

uninitialized constant Glue::Markup (NameError)

I have no idea how to initialize constant Glue::Markup, or even what Glue
does. I feel like I will have to be a Ruby expert to run Nitro - am I out of
my league here? Is this the right place for me to ask questions?

Ric Turley

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