[Nitro] Store pool management

George Moschovitis george.moschovitis at gmail.com
Sun Sep 17 05:03:00 EDT 2006

> Og was previously leaking stores via the store pool. This was most
> ...
> faster with SQLite.

thank you for the investigation on this problem and the patch.
Hopefully Jonathan will provide me with a new bundle including this
patch and it will find its way in the official repo.

> Og manager also appeared to have the ability to drop in and out of
> thread safe mode(?). I'm not sure why you would want this? I gather it's
> ...
> few references to the Og.thread_safe in the nitro adapters. Speak now or
> forever hold your peace :)

lets keep the non-thread-safe mode for the moment. In web applications
(for example using fastcgi or mongrel) I would really suggest using a
process model just to play it safe (multi threading is difficult to

best regards,


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