[Nitro] [PATCH] important patch bundle to make nitro run again

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Mon Sep 11 12:46:00 EDT 2006


> Attached to this mail is a patch bundle against your repo that fixes
> Nitro to run out-of-the-box again. That means important small bug-
> fixes and letting few test cases pass again.
>None of them should break anything, so I hope you can apply them soon..

a note to everyone who has/had access to manverus repo, don't pull/
apply these patches.  As manverus repo is kind of on a 'different track'
right now...

So, these patches are _only_ for Georges repo. The original patches have
been cleaned up and combined where possible.

Manverus repo has a wealth of bugfixes, feature enhancements in it, but
as it is not completely compatible to Georges, we will have to port
those with great care.

So, to facilitate that process, I hope you George can put some work in
accepting and overlooking and testing those patches.


Feel the love

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