[Nitro] Bounty: Serverside (pure ruby http server) adapter for Nitro

James Britt james.britt at gmail.com
Sun Sep 3 12:37:30 EDT 2006

Alexander Lazic wrote:
> On Sam 02.09.2006 22:07, Jonathan Buch wrote:
>>very interesting: http://code.google.com/p/serverside/
> Yep
>>Just got that address from James Britt, really interesting....
>>To quote him:  "Faster than Mongrel, but pure Ruby? Interesting ..."
> But mongrel don't want to be a full-featured HTTP-Server, I think that's
> the difference.
> The main difference between mongrel and serverside is:
> serverside want to be a HTTP-Server to server static content, as far as
> i have the site right.

The rdocs suggest otherwise:

"You can use the ServerSide::Application and ServerSide::Controller 
classes to create dynamic web applications. The ServerSide framework 
also lets you route requests based on any attribute of incoming 
requests, such as host name, path, URL parameters etc."

Sadly for me, though, serverside does not run on Win32.  It expects 
fork.  And has this bit of hackery, in daemon.rb:

   STDIN.reopen "/dev/null"
   STDOUT.reopen "/dev/null", "a"

Some mods are called for ...

James Britt

"Simplicity of the language  is not what matters, but
simplicity of use."
  - Richard A. O'Keefe in squeak-dev mailing list

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