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Lars Olsson lasso at lassoweb.se
Tue Oct 31 13:33:42 EST 2006

Hello again!

DOCTYPE isn't specific to XHTML in any way...it's an integral part of 
SGML and was first defined in 1986! (ISO8879-1). Every version of 
HTML/XHTML has required it to be present in order to identify the type 
of document sent to the browser.

In theory that is...Many browsers are very permissive when it comes to 
omitting the DOCTYPE. Both IE, FF and Opera usually renders documents 
mostly correct even if the DOCTYPE is missing.

One very important point of XHTML (Strict) is that it it enforces the 
XML rules rigorously (no unclosed tags etc). This means that 
applications capable of processing XML can also process XHTML. The tools 
available today include a lot more than browsers...

Now, Nitro already does a lot to help with conformance to XML rules. 
SInce every template is processed by REXML it also has to be valid XML. 
No problem there. REXML already supports DOCTYPEs. The problem is that 
Nitro strips the DOCTYPE *after* REXML has processed the template. Since 
some XML tools require this type of information in order to function 
they are unable to parse pages rendered by Nitro. This is *very* bad in 
my opinion (luckily there are workarounds).

Oh, and by the way, IE has supported XHTML for ages.



Lars Olsson
lasso at lassoweb.se

Jonas Pfenniger skrev:
> Lars, XHTML is not supported by IE

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