[Nitro] Serious discussion on Annotaitons - Part II

transfire at gmail.com transfire at gmail.com
Sun Oct 29 11:42:15 EST 2006

Jonas Pfenniger wrote:
> Perhaps the real problem is that Annotation is just too generic. You
> can 't keep it simple and have all the features. Especially the
> inheritance. So what are the boundaries of the annotation system ?
> * inheritance ?
> * type-casting system ?
> * central storage ?
> * default settings ?
> * description ?

All of the above and more. Yes, it is very general. The intent is to be
general, eg. a reusable/programmable notes system.

Of course being as general as it is there is potential for anme clash,
for instance if I define an annotation and you define one by the same
name but for differnt uses.


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