[Nitro] nitro command vs run.rb

George Moschovitis george.moschovitis at gmail.com
Sat Oct 28 08:48:59 EDT 2006


> "nitro" command. I don't want to. Is it somehow possible to get "ruby
> run.rb --live" back? Worked nicely in the past.

It did *not* work nicely. A typical run.rb would go like this:

require 'nitro'


require 'stuf'



because the configuration mode was decided after 'stuff' was required
there was no way to easily configure stuff. Moreover, Og was typically
initialized before the configuration mode was decided too. Uncommenting
that line seems like a hack, can we find a better solution?

Btw, please notice that the prefered way to set the configuration
mode is to set an environment variable:


The nice bonus is that you can have a different setting on your debug
machine and a different on your  live server. Then you just rsync
and give ruby run.rb and everything works as it should. You could
also try:

$ CONFIGURATION_MODE=live; ruby run.rb

But in any case, thanks  for mentioning this, I will try to find
a solution. Of course if you have another proposal let me know.



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