[Nitro] Param stuff (yes, I'm sorry ^^;)

George Moschovitis george.moschovitis at gmail.com
Fri Oct 27 15:56:29 EDT 2006

> I'm really sorry, but could you either revert back to the original partial
> broken param handling or test with my testcase properly without randomly
> commenting valid testcases (which are not touching the two issues I raised
> in my last post about params)? ^^;
> With `def action(par = nil)` broken we can't release on the 31st. ^^;

I havent randomly remarked your tests. I just haven worked on this
issue yet. It is in my immediate todo list. Btw, if you can make a
patch of your implementation against the current repo, it would be
really helpful. Just this single patch, it is too difficult to
understand your changes in that biiiig bundle you have sent me some
time ago.

thanks in advance and sorry for the inconvienience,


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