[Nitro] param handling

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Fri Oct 27 10:16:01 EDT 2006


>>     def action(par1, par2)
>>     GET /action

>>      { :arguments => [nil, nil], :params => {} }
>>      return error

>> * The first can also be created by normal Ruby means:
>>    `def action(par1 = nil, par2 = nil)`

> I would vote for the first possibility here because if it happens that
> an action is called without the required parameters, the developer could
> respond with an error message that exactly fits the error. The second
> possibility would just return a general "too few arguments" error.

thought a little more about what you said here.

That general "too few arguments" error would only appear with
`def action(par1, par2)` and not with `def action(par1 = nil, par2 = nil)`.

IMHO the first says:  This function does not handle the case where both
parameters are missing.
The second says:  just push me whatever, I'll handle it.

For custom error handling, the second would be used, the first will
just throw an error.

Am I just thinking too much here?


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