[Nitro] Param stuff (yes, I'm sorry ^^;)

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Fri Oct 27 09:36:36 EDT 2006


sorry to bother you all again, but George:

params is even more broken than before :)
`def action(par = nil)` can't be called :P  (Found that out by testing,
Oxy, haven't checked any other testcase than the one below.)

Loaded suite /Volumes/Data/build/cvs/nitro/nitro-0.40-own/nitro/test/nitro/tc_controller_params
DEBUG: Compiling action 'TC_ControllerParams::TestController#m1_2'
DEBUG: Rendering '/m1_2/One'.

Finished in 0.244347 seconds.

   1) Failure:
method assert_request_good in tc_controller_params.rb at line 205
method test_m1 in tc_controller_params.rb at line 483
method test_m1 in tc_controller_params.rb at line 482
<"/m1_2/One"> returned error.
Result: "{:action=>:m1_2, :klass=>TC_ControllerParams::TestController, :params=>{}, :arguments=>[nil, nil], :method=>:get}"
Instead of: {:action=>:m1_2, :params=>{}, :arguments=>["One", nil]}

1 tests, 2 assertions, 1 failures, 0 errors

where m1_2:

     def m1_2(arg1 = nil, arg2 = nil)
       return_results arg1, arg2

So, the 'One' argument doesn't get put into 'arg1'.

I'm really sorry, but could you either revert back to the original partial
broken param handling or test with my testcase properly without randomly
commenting valid testcases (which are not touching the two issues I raised
in my last post about params)? ^^;
With `def action(par = nil)` broken we can't release on the 31st. ^^;

Thank you for your attention,


Feel the love

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