[Nitro] [PATCH] psql stuff

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Thu Oct 26 15:18:44 EDT 2006


>>> All tests run through with mysql and postgresql (not tested with postgres-pr).
> Uh yeah, I think manveru and Fabian had problems with the -pr adapter and
> my compat fixes for it.  Something with sql errors I think.  This compat stuff
> is from an old manv repo where it worked very good (it had my sql-error patches
> in it).
> Please, everyone who has the -pr library to connect to postgresql, please
> test this and report errors.

yeh... well...  My brother tested this and apparently -pr is completely
unusable.  :P
What are we gonna do?

George, when you remove the compat patch, -pr works at least partly...
(the second part of the patch is at fault (well.. not really), the first
part about server_version is good)

The problems -pr has are very similar to the ones of sqlite...


Feel the love

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