[Nitro] param handling

George Moschovitis george.moschovitis at gmail.com
Thu Oct 26 07:24:32 EDT 2006

> > - make tests pass

- almost done?

> > - make postgres adapter run

- almost done?

> > - make examples run

- done

> > - introduce new system part / get rid of old scaffolding.

- done

> > - introduce more patches from manveru's repository.

- i think this is done?

> > - cleanup code

- more or less done for the next version, more cleanup in future versions.

> > - update docs

- will do, mainly the doc/RELEASES file.

> > - remove prototype javascript helpers

I will not remove them for 0.40.0

> This will be ready in six days?

Lets try.

The only real problem are the build scripts. I cannot install the
latest reap, because it needs the latest facets. I am wondering if you
have time the next week to work with me on the new annotation and
making the latest facets/reap work with nitro. We could postpone the
release a few more days to make this work. What do you think?



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