[Nitro] IRC connection problems

George Moschovitis george.moschovitis at gmail.com
Wed Oct 25 06:19:41 EDT 2006

Dear devs,

I am using xchat-gnome on Ubuntu Edgy, and most of the time I cannot
connect to the IRC channel. Here is the  error message:

Auto-away plugin 0.4 loaded (using GNOME screensaver)
--- Looking up irc.freenode.net..
 Connecting to chat.freenode.net ( port 6667..
 Connected. Now logging in..
 *** Looking up your hostname...
 *** Checking ident
 *** Couldn't look up your hostname

The strange thing is that sometimes (perhaps once a day) I *do*
connect after this message is displayed. I cannot connect with Gaim
2.0 either.

Any ideass?



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