[Nitro] param handling

George Moschovitis george.moschovitis at gmail.com
Mon Oct 23 08:44:59 EDT 2006

Hey Jonathan,

very descriptive email ;-)

> George wants the first to be possible, I don't.

In my design arguments == parameters. But after reading your nice
email, I am begining to like your idea to separate args/params. I am
not yet convinced though. Let's see what others think  about this.

> ### Strict param requirements?
> ...
> Problems with the first approach:
> * More error checking needed within the `action()` method.
> * The first can also be created by normal Ruby means:
>    `def action(par1 = nil, par2 = nil)`

Problems with the second approach:

- have to error check on every request
- less flexible code.

anyway I have some code that implements this, will be available
shortly on the repo.



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