[Nitro] Nitro Development

George Moschovitis george.moschovitis at gmail.com
Mon Oct 23 08:24:39 EDT 2006

Hello Tom,

> Just so you, I wasn't trying to be harsh. Please don't take it that
> ...
> level.

I know your intentions were not bad, no need to apologize. In fact,
lets forget this unimportant issue.

> I think there should maybe be a finer distinction between releases.
> ...
> Right now it seems like the is only one kind of release.

I am not  sure we need developer releases. Developers can grab the
repo version and can follow the CHANGELOG. If we define clear goals
things will work out nicely.

> IMHO, I tried switching to SVN briefly. I had more conflict isses with
> SVN then with Darcs. Personally I miss the old days when you checked
> ...
> communication and the release focus is tight the effect should be
> similiar.

I think all participants on this conversation (me, you, jonathan)
agree that we should give Darcs another chance before moving to
another RCS. I will upload a new version of the repo and stop updating
it through rsync, I will update through patch bundles. Lets see if
this resolves the problems reported by Jonathan.

> Is it b/c he couldn't get others to help?

I am not sure...

> If we can do that, then I will be able to get Ratchets out the door and
> test Nitro/Og myself to get the build scripts working and the latest
> facets+annotations working.

I would not like to fix all standing problems with Nitro before 0.40.0
gets released. But I think it would be worthwhile to withold the
release until you can help with creating new build scripts that are
compatible with the latest versions of your tools. And making Nitro
work with the latest implementation of annotations shouldnt be that
difficult. Can you present us with a timeframe? Ie, when would you be
able to help with the build scripts and the new version of



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