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Sun Oct 22 16:43:36 EDT 2006

George Moschovitis wrote:
> Jonathan + Tom,
> In general I agree with what you are saying. I still thing that
> Jonathan's email is quite harsh on me, but that is not the big issue
> here. The issue is how to move Nitro forward.

Just so you, I wasn't trying to be harsh. Please don't take it that
way. And I doubt Jonathan meant to either. Rather I was just being
matter of fact about what I think you as the creator and primary
developer of Nitro will eventaullly need to do to move to the next

> Regarding the communication problem, let me remind you that I was in
> the Army for this past year. But now my service is over. The last
> month I have immediately applied all patches that I have received, and
> generally answered all emails. Well, I realize that during my absence,
> people started using other repos, but I cannot do much now.
> The current version of my repository passes all tests (except some
> tests in tc_controller_params, but there are several issues here, some
> of them will be detailed in a forthcoming message by Jonathan). Most
> examples either are runnable or will be runnable in the next couple of
> days. I think that the best way to move this project forward is for
> the core developers to try to port their applications to my repo
> version. I know this is not that hard (the changes are minimal) and
> Jonathan seems to agree with this too (he said so in a recent
> conversation). And frankly, there dont seem to be that many core
> developers these days.
> I totally agree with Tom that Nitro needs shorter and more frequent
> releases. But not so small as he suggests. I think the proposed
> breakdown of features into 0.40 and 0.42 that Jonathan suggested is
> quite ok.

I think there should maybe be a finer distinction between releases.
Development releases vs. Official releases. That way there can be lots
of small releases, which makes it easier to focus and everyone knows
the schedule. Then every so often official releases can be announced.
Right now it seems like the is only one kind of release.

> Regarding the RCS issue, I suggest that we stay with Darcs for the
> next couple of versions. In the meantime we can continue discussing
> about moving to svn or something like bazaar. Even though I prefer a
> decentralized rcs, we can go to svn if that makes the project more
> accessible to more people.

IMHO, I tried switching to SVN briefly. I had more conflict isses with
SVN then with Darcs. Personally I miss the old days when you checked
out file(s) and no one else could touch them til your were done.
Obviously that's a bit too limiting these days, but if there is good
communication and the release focus is tight the effect should be

> About the rcs commit privileges, I would also like to propose for the
> next couple of  versions (ie for November) that I remain the sole
> commiter, to keep things easier to manage. During this time, we can
> identify the members of the community that truly have the will, time
> and ability to join the core developers team. For example, I know that
> people such as Tom have the ability and will, but I am not sure about
> time.

Granted. My hands are simply full with getting Ratchets ready right at
the moment.

> Finally, we can find another person to handle community relations and
> eventually the repository. Bryan used to do a *great* job here, it is
> truly a shame that he got discouraged and left the project.

Is it b/c he couldn't get others to help?

> I am open to more discussions on this topic. But at the same time, let
> me remind you that I need some real help to get 0.40 out of the door.
> Where you can help?
> - verify that og tests pass with postgres (fix possible bugs)
> - verify that og tests pass sqlite
> - report any bugs
> - create new packaging scripts: The current reap version seems to need
> the latest version of facets that breaks nitro. Can we find a solution
> here?
> - Something that I am missing?

Hmm... Maybe actually, for this release we should just take the time
and get every major thing on the table taken care of. It'll take a
little longer, but making a stop-gap release might actually be worse
than just getting these things done at this point. Actually let me put
it this way. We can have many small releases getting to this point. But
none of them should be official until all this stuff is done.

If we can do that, then I will be able to get Ratchets out the door and
test Nitro/Og myself to get the build scripts working and the latest
facets+annotations working.

> Of course there are more things you can do. For example create
> screencasts about how you use Nitro, have a look at doc/TODO, claim
> and implement a feature or two. Or you can send emails to the list
> with requests about stuff you would like to see.
> Remember, I have put a *lot* of effort into Nitro, and I want this
> project to go to the next level. I fully *realize* that I cannot do
> this alone. But I need some *real* help, not just remarks and
> proposals.

Which is why it's so important to get a solid development procedures in


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