[Nitro] Maybe OT but help for a new app

Aleksandar Lazic al-nitrogen at none.at
Thu Oct 19 14:26:01 EDT 2006

On Don 19.10.2006 14:44, Jonathan Buch wrote:
>Aleksandar Lazic wrote:
>> I want to go further with nitro but i haven't a clue how to go futher
>> after the screencasts :-/
>too much white paper, usually the problem. ;)


>> Is there a, more or less, step by step howto how a *sample* app can
>> look, I have look into the examples, wiki/blog/..., but the time for
>> reverse engineering isn't necessary as long as you can help me ;-))
>Have you seen the tutorials on Oxyliquit?

Some sorry I wasn't to deep as I see now :-/

>Here for example I show a little how I make a new nitro application.
>(what files are necessary, which can be deleted, how to structure a
>run.rb, where to put the templates etc.)  The scope of the tutorial
>however is a little more general and touches more subjects.

Thanks I haven't checked it that the further pages are usefull for me

>Hope you can find what you need there.

Thanks for help I will come back after studying the oxyliquit site.



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