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Hi gang :-)

May I suggest a nice block-diagram (ascii art) is done from these

I believe an architectural sub-systems view will assist growth,
communication, later discussions, etc, etc.  I know this is going to shock
some people ;-)  

Some research we (masters project) did on project management (concerning
software development/design) was interesting -- The essential outcome was
that a project plan to plan the project design (yes, planning about
planning), yielded at least one interesting result.  Following the
time-to-design schedule produces better a design, and makes the actual
detailed design (water fall/iterative) model work better.

Now, I might speculate that this result mirrors XP practices like functional
programming.  After all a fixed -- two month development cycle is like a
"tightly scheduled design/build" mini-project.

Now that detour is over, the connection is that a well maintained block
diagram allows 'all those who care' to keep in step and follow the changes.
I know I was out of the Nitro loop too long doing extra coach training and
my own business planning -- An up to date (forward specification)
block-diagram can bring people who slipped out-of-the-loop ... Back faster,
and sometimes just 'back'.

I also reckon the architectural complexity is getting to a point where
things will have to be chunked in systems and sub-systems.  This could be a
first step.

Keep up the BEST work !!


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Myabe just have one in the morning and one in the evening. That should allow
most people to partcipate at one or the other.

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