[Nitro] JQuery is very nice

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Tue Oct 17 09:58:42 EDT 2006


> As a punter rather than a framework developer, I'm very much of the
> opinion that less [magic] is more.
> I want to write a nice, simple, intuitive, /testable/ web app. One of
> Rails' big failings in my opinion is its poor support for the mid- to
> advanced- level developer (or non-trivial web app, I'm not sure which).

I don't know much about rails.  Maybe you can clarify things a bit for
me there.
As I have seen, there are certain scripts in the scrip/ folder to work
with.  I rememeber a script called `breakpointer`, which seems to be for
Is it common in Rails to use this functionality?  How is the 'breakpoint'
made avalable, maybe inside of `irb`?

> If I don't (need to) care what's going on, then Rails works fine. If I
> do, then suddenly I'm searching through the source code for scaffold or
> trying to add a breakpoint to a non-existent (yet) method. Which sucks.

Well, there are also non-existent metods in a Nitro request cycle. ;)
You run into them, when you write bad HTML and it spits out an error in
a `foo_action()` method. :P

> I can't over-emphasise how impressed I am with Nitro & Og's lack of
> magic where it simply doesn't need it (and particularly how elegantly Og
> does O-R mapping in Ruby). Anything that generates code - especially
> on-the-fly - is a Bad Thing for anything other than trivial applications
> IMO.

Yet Og does a hell lot of magic, I've been cursing at it sometimes. ;D
And Og does very much code generation while enchanting the Model-class.
Database reading and writing functions get eval'ed for example, sometimes
evaled code even depends on which adapter one uses (mysql/psql).

But yes, I have to agree that Og does the most elegant OR mapping I've
seen. :P


Feel the love

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