[Nitro] JQuery is very nice

Olle Jonsson olle at olleolleolle.dk
Tue Oct 17 08:13:12 EDT 2006


> morever, I realized that rails style rjs templates (or Nitro style
> ScriptGenerator/Client feautures) are rendered unecessary! So I am
> thinking about removing this half-implemented/baddly documented
> functionality from Nitro (ie the prototype helpers). What do you all
> think?

I'm all for removing Prototype wrapper methods.

Granted, this kind of wrapper serves a learning purpose. But that's  
not necessary everywhere, and certainly not in the main Nitro  

Using jQuery, the beginner can learn these things (DOM-fiddling, Ajax  
calls, structure) without the "support wheels" of wrapper methods in  
the web framework.

    Olle Jonsson, Denmark

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