[Nitro] The road to Nitro 0.40.0

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Mon Oct 16 08:35:04 EDT 2006


> after a long time with no new release, I think it is time to concentrate
> as a team to release the 0.40.0 version. A comfortable release date is
> Oct 31. To this end, here is a short todo list:

My birthday, this would be cool! ;)

> - make tests pass
> - make postgres adapter run

The postgres adapter runs quit good.  Problem is the pure-ruby library of
postgres (postgres-pr).  It has a few limitations which I had worked around
before...  I have a compat layer here from an earlier repo, it has problems
now since some changes didn't make it into the latest manv repo and yours.
Will see if I can work on that again.

> - make examples run
> - introduce new system part / get rid of old scaffolding.
> - introduce more patches from manveru's repository.

Not many left patches left to merge to your repo from the current manv
repo.  The old manv repo still has some good stuff, but that's a little
harder...  Lets concentrate on getting your repo stable by the 31st and  
release.  Additional functionality from old repo can get introduced after

> - make compatible with latest facets (esp. the new annotation system)

Can we put that one release behind?  It would delay the release a great
deal.  This touches many parts of Og and would have to get extensive

> - make new deployment scripts (based on the new reap implementation)
> - cleanup code
> - update docs

> We have collaboratively done so much work on the repository version of
> Nitro. This work really deserves to be released and be made known to
> the wider circle of ruby developers.

Yup yup :)


Feel the love

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