[Nitro] Nitro IRC Meeting

George Moschovitis george.moschovitis at gmail.com
Mon Oct 16 05:53:01 EDT 2006

thanks for the encouraging words ;-) Be assured, nitro will contrinue
to evolve and get better and more intuitive all the time. And we will
*resolve* the organization issue.


On 10/16/06, Dan North <dan at tastapod.com> wrote:
>  Hi folks.
>  I've been a long-time lurker on this list, and a long-time fan of Nitro and
> Og, since Aidan first showed them to me.
>  It seems to me that while Rails is the poster child and is getting all the
> press, Nitro is how I want to write web apps in Ruby. I get Nitro. I don't
> get Rails. I've introduced several people to Nitro, and I describe it as
> Webwork to Rails's Struts. Where Struts got all the press for Java web apps,
> all the smart kids use Webwork.
>  I still haven't had the opportunity to write a proper web-facing app in
> anger in Ruby, but when I do, the choice of framework will be a no-brainer
> for me.
>  As an enthusiastic observer, please let me encourage you guys to realise
> the potential of Nitro and Og as being the framework real developers will
> use to write real, enterprise scale Ruby apps.
>  We all know the active record model doesn't scale. That's why O/R mapping
> is still the big, ugly monster that it is.
>  Take a leaf from the Django community's book. Those guys have a simple
> mission: to make Django the Python web platform of choice for anyone.
> Period.
>  >From what I've seen of Nitro, I believe it can be the same thing for Ruby.
>  Thanks for listening,
>  Dan
>  George Moschovitis wrote:
>  Dear devs,
> I would like to organize an IRC meeting to discuss the future of Nitro
> and especially how to organize a core team development around this
> project. Even though we have come up with great code and features for
> Nitro and Og (especially on the repo versions) we have failed
> miserably in organizing this project. Of course, as the maintainer of
> this project, I am the one to blame (even though I had some excuses,
> like my army service).
> I strongly believe that you can always make things right in life. Even
> though some people have been discouraged by the lack of organization
> and the 'black box'/'george-codes-in-his-appartment'
> development
> model, I believe there are people still interested in Nitro. If you
> are one of these people, lets find a suitable time for an IRC meeting
> and bring your ideas about how to better organize the project.
> A time that is suitable for me is: Tuesday 17/10/2006 20:00 CET
> regards,
> George.
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