[Nitro] OT: Bazaar

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Wed Oct 11 01:37:57 EDT 2006


> here is an off-topic question for you. Has  anyone on this list any
> experience with Bazaar, the Canonical sponsored cersion control
> system?

This depends on which Bazaar you mean.  If you mean the _real_ bazaar
which is a GNU Arch fork, then yes as I have worked with Arch before.
Bazaar is abandoned by Canonical in favour of Bazaar-NG which is written
in Python instead of C and is not based on the original Arch.  Bazaar-NG 
apparently has been renamed to Bazaar 2.0 for whatever reason...

Anyway.  I have used the original (GNU Arch) extensively before
switching to Darcs because of Nitro.  I guess I'm a bit biased here
but I followed the fork a little and I would never use either of the
Bazaar versions.  Tom Lord stepped down after that mess, Andy Tai is
the new maintainer of GNU Arch.  It isn't actively developed, but
bugfixes are still being done.

That said, I can say that I would choose Arch over any revision
control system I have used, only with Darcs as a possible candidate.
(The recent merging conflict issues on manvs repo really get to my
nerves. ;/)
Arch has 2 main problems:  It doesn't work as well on windows as it
could and the usage in the beginning is a little icky.  One shouldn't
have to always look into the (though well written) manual just to
set up a repo..

So, to keep this short:  If you meant the original bazaar, go for it,
it's a good system (or  better, go for Arch :P) but I can't comment
on Bazaar-NG aka Bazaar 2.0 which I never used.

Jonathan Buch

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