[Nitro] c.f. Take a look at: WSGI: Python's Secret Web Weapon

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Thanks Michael ...

For those who didn't pursue the link Michael provided:

  > > In Ruby, you look at something like Mongrel and it has to explicitly
  > > add Rails, Camping, Nitro support. In Python, if a server is WSGI,
  > > anything that supports WSGI will run on it. Some frameworks, like
  > > Pylons, have incorporated it throughout the stack to make it trivial
  > > to swap put template systems, ORMs, you name it.

A few things I know from fast transaction processing environments is that
clean architectures work faster than things that look like CICS or even J2EE
or SAP.  

The WSGI idea makes that 'easy' by providing an onion skin layer approach to
the solution.  It is 'simple' -- it is Very Empowering.  The one thing I
noticed in Nitro is that is follows some of this ethos already.  (or was
tending to do so, previously)

My poorly expressed final comment was suggestive of Nitro to Implement a
'pseudo WSGI' gateway layer in anticipation of consensus :-)  

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On 10/8/06, * William <william.full.moon at gmail.com> wrote:
> I thought I'd send this  out to Nitro because I've seen the plethora 
> of frameworks in the Python world and ... This kind of gateway 
> structure for Ruby would be lovely.
> In saying this, there's no reason for a tool like Nitro to not make an 
> effort to be flexible and catholic about the web framework and 
> scaffolding business.  ;;-)
> Keep up the good work all of you.  Give these few pages a read.



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