[Nitro] Ratchets, two final issues. Please help.

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Wed Oct 4 16:04:23 EDT 2006


I'm closing in on an first release of Ratchets. I'm down to two
outstanding major issues.

1) Whether to name the lib directory 'ratchet' or 'ratchets'. I'm
stuck on this b/c  on one hand I usually avoid plurals, but in this
case the name of the project itself is ratchets, plural. So I'm not
sure. And Facets doesn't give any guidance here either since it uses
both singular and plural b/c of the trick of integrating the
Facets/CORE and Facets/MORE libs.

2) Ratchets' main command line tool is called 'project'. Like 'rake'
and 'reap' (RIP) 'project' can take a task name as an argument and
will run that user-defined task. BUT, it can also take the name of a
built-in Ratchets tool and run the tool directly. Ex: Here's a snip
from a ProjecInfo file:

    history: !!changelog
      file: doc/HISTORY

So on the command line we can do:

  $ project history

and it will generate the changelog file, in this case at doc/HISTORY.
But we can also do:

  $ project changelog --file doc/HISTORY

To run the chngelog tool directly without defining a task.

My debate is whether it works well enough to have both modes of
functionality in the same command. (Note task definitions take
precedence if there is a name clash.) I sort of worry that someone
will go to run a task they think is there and inadvertently run a
tool. But maybe I'm over blowing it. But if I did split it into two
command, I have no idea what to call the other. Or maybe there is a
way to mitigate the issue? Thoughts?


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