[Nitro] Helpers, Components, Parts

Fabian Buch fabian at fabian-buch.de
Wed Oct 4 13:07:17 EDT 2006

Am 04.10.2006 um 16:13 schrieb George Moschovitis:
> Yeap parts could be used for this. My parts include helpers and other
> utility code. Moreover, I have another name  for smaller parts:
> components. Components are exactly like parts but the different name
> denotes that they provide small pieces of additional features. For
> example, the navbar could be a component (ie small part).

This could lead to confusions for newcommers. "What are helpers,  
components, parts? In Rails they are just called 'plug-ins'".  
Components would be plug-in helpers, installed in the same way as  
parts and are just not called helpers, b/c they are not in the main  
Apart from that the name sounds ok.


PS: Copy to you, b/c the mailinglist is so slow at the moment.
PPS: I had quite some ideas to this topic, had some discussions with  
Trans about it and developed something I didn't want to release to  
the public yet. I'll email the discussion with Trans to you in a bit,  
adding some more thoughts. Stay tuned.

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