[Nitro] [PATCH] Patch bundle, many psql and tc fixes

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Wed Oct 4 08:12:18 EDT 2006


> - can you please explain to me where is local_net? useful?
Helper functionality, for example:  authorization based on locality.

> - please use :adapter to refer to adapters (like sqlite) and not :store.
*grml* reason? alias?

btw, you broke one of my patches:

     def start(options = {})
       options = {:store => :sqlite}.update(options)

This is what I had before, and for a reason.  When specifying partial
options (:sqlite is standard, so I shouldn't mess with that key) one
also had to specify the store as well which is quite non-intuitive.

And please, in the same function, write


instead of


This enables setting the classes at start time and avoids ObjectSpace
searches for models (the functionality is already there and working).

> - remove sendfile.rb I already have it as send_file.rb

> Btw, we must find a way to add non-essential/extra functionality to
> nitro. Something similar to Rails plugins. I do not think it is the
> right thing that we  include stuff like the navbar helper to the main
> distribution. Anyone has any ideas how we can achive this?

Yes you are right.  I think this can be achieved by using Parts.
Fabian is working on the first 'repo' of Parts which will probably
be the perfect place for this.

Stay tuned for updates.


Feel the love

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