[Nitro] where is the documentation?

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Wed Nov 29 07:29:58 EST 2006


> the nitroproject.org website seems to quite broken for some time now?

Well, yes, had sadly always been a bit broken...

> are there any efforts to fix it?

George is just a human after all and I think he's quite busy with
'cleaning' up some stuff with some other applications he has to support.

> a project without documentation is quite useless.

I would argue against this, but this wouldn't convince you, would it. ;)

> should i expect the code as broken as the website? ;-)

Depends on whom you ask. :P  But realistically, the code is less broken
than the page.  :)

Mind you, that http://www.oxyliquit.de/ is another source and (although
quite unstable atm due to a presumed hardware failure) also running
quite non-broken on nitro. :P

Look here at the screencast from George for a small introduction.

Other than that, the people on the mailing list are quite happy to
share information and help where they can, don't hesitate to ask.

Enjoy your stay,


Feel the love

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