[Nitro] Bug and feature Request

Aleksandar Lazic al-nitrogen at none.at
Sun Nov 26 04:29:20 EST 2006


I have try to call nitro and have get the following error:

/home/al/progs/ruby/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/nitro-0.40.0/bin/nitro -help

`require': no such file to load -- facets/more/command (LoadError)

After I have add 'ruby -rubygems' before the nitro call it works ;-)

Is it possible to add such a similar code to the nitro-cli:

eval facets
if ok => go further
if nok => try with rubygems
  if ok => go further
  else by by baby!

How about to add the '--help' option wich show all available options?



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