[Nitro] Nitro 0.40, spark

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Wed Nov 22 08:20:28 EST 2006


> I'm a little uncomfortable with the quickfix, esp. as I don't
> understand what functionality might be lost with the "sitemap"
> line changes.

The functionality was never intended to go into the official
Nitro distribution (as I understand George) as it isn't good enough
for general consumption.
So you are actually not missing much I guess.

> So, what exactly does the quickfix do, and what's the general
> approach for the real fix ( and when will the real fix be
> released -- maybe as 0.40.1... )?

The quickfix just removes a few dangling dependencies which shouldn't
be there in the first place.
A cleanup/bugfix release should be out soon.  George, any status,
roadmap update?


Feel the love

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