[Nitro] Next version roadmap

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Wed Nov 22 08:20:08 EST 2006


> - a 2-minute tutorial (the "elevator pitch" for nitro, especially
> compared to rails)

2 minute doesn't sound too bad :)

Do you have an example what it should contain?  I don't know nothing about
rails, so I don't know what I would have to explain.

Any 'standard' tutorial like this in the rails world which could be

> - a 30-minute tutorial implementing a "basic" app, so:
>     - authentication (logging in), users & groups
>     - flow, e.g. multi-stage wizard with session state stored on the server
>     - persisting an object model, with common scenarios (e.g. the n+1
>       problem)
>     - caching  101 (session level, user level, application level) for
>       read-mostly apps
>     - using css with nitro to style standard page elements - tables,
>       lists etc

I promised dynamix to write a tutorial about authentication (used in Oxywtf).
I might just integrate your ideas on a tutorial here.

>     - persisting an object model, with common scenarios (e.g. the n+1
>       problem)

Could you define that further?  Having trouble to understand the 'n+1

I will probably not go deep into caching, as I don't know anything about
it.  I still wait for George (ping!) to write something about that.

Not sure what you mean here with CSS.  CSS is just about styling, which is
pretty much dependand on what you write in your xhtml files and isn't
really special  (except that there is a CSS compiler... which I never used).

There are three common places where I know that one will be using css:

* paging
* tables with alternating background
* forms

Want me to visit those, or did I misunderstood your intention?

Nothing promised yet about that tutorial, but I will try to get into the
mood to write this.


Feel the love

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