[Nitro] Article

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Tue Nov 21 17:09:36 EST 2006


> That's true. But it does not even tell me what wonders I will see when I do 
> the magical Nitro.start or Og.start.

Yes, like I said, I don't think that page aimed at information on how to
use Nitro.  It just tells readers that it exists, how it looks like and
where to get further information.
Giving a complete cut'n paste tutorial is beyond that simple article and
I think it's unfair to treat the writer in this way. :)

> e.g. I would guess the methods of the first HelloWorld magically become page 
> urls, and the math(x,y) translates into a page with two fields in a form 
> that, on submit, returns the interpolated string. I don't know if I guessed 
> right, and if I try it out myself (which I did), I do not know what path and 
> port to browse to on my localhost (please let me know ,btw). And the rdocs 
> on nitroproject say Nitro 0.30.0; and the rdocs for 0.40 failed to install 
> successfully on my PC ...

If I interpret the example (never having used any web framework) I would
guess, that 'index' and 'math' would print a string to stdout and that
'hello' returns a string.
On how to call that from the browser side, I would have no idea, this
should be clearly documented in the first tutorial you get to see when
you enter the nitro world.

> Fewer barriers to interested users would probably help, is this getting 
> closer?

I'm not sure that if I put an example IOWA or Rails snippet on a website
without telling how to use it, people would actually grok it at first
sight.  Pat Eyler makes a fine point at the bottom of his article, "Do
yourself a favor and go check them out. ".

I understand that you're just put off by the lack of documentation, but
I disagree on trashing the post of Pat Eyler and the simple examples
from George.


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