[Nitro] nitro 0.40.0 changes?

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Mon Nov 20 03:45:01 EST 2006


>>> http://localhost:9000/setup?title=masterblog&desc=master
>>> +blog&user=matt&pass=pass

>>> Path: /setup
>>> Wrong parameter count for setup().

This shouldn't happen at all, methods/actions without arguments
are just called like that (regardless of any arguments).

>>   def setup( title, desc )
>>   def setup( params )
>>   def setup( *params )

Assuming the default:

Nitro::Compiler.mixin_get_parameters = true

you will probably want the method to like like:

def setup(title, desc, user, pass)

this 'should' get you all your needed arguments.

> setup(params) and now I get this error message:
> Wrong parameter count for setup(masterblog, master blog).

This is weird, dunno how that can happen.  If you have a little time,
could you try to recreate that error as a testcase?

In nitro/test/nitro/tc_controller_params.rb you will find a few
controllers, and many testcases to look on how to build just another

> when passing in the same get string, which means it seems to be
> reading only the first two params.

*scratch head* not following you there, mate :)

> Wrong parameter count for setup(masterblog, master blog)
should this be setup(masterblog, master, blog) ?

Not getting that..


Feel the love

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