[Nitro] nitro 0.40.0 changes?

Fabian Buch fabian at fabian-buch.de
Fri Nov 17 04:57:27 EST 2006

Am 17.11.2006 um 02:20 schrieb Matt Rose:
> Sorry to be a bother about this guys, but now I'm getting an error
> message.  I kind of suspected this would happen, because of the  
> params.
> How did we decide parameters would be called now in the action now?

The settings for param handling are:

Nitro::Compiler.mixin_get_parameters = true
Nitro::Compiler.non_strict_action_calling = false

Don't see how this could be a problem with your code, but you could  
try playing with these two settings. (btw. there are generally two  
groups in Nitro, G prefers the above true/false, Jo and me false/false)

> I have a setup page that takes form input, and passes it as GET
> params back to the same page.  When I pass it no params, it works
> great, but when I try and pass it params via a GET request, I get  
> this:
> http://localhost:9000/setup?title=masterblog&desc=master
> +blog&user=matt&pass=pass

Just tested your action in a testapp here. Works both with and  
without your extra GET params here. How does your Server.map look like?


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