[Nitro] nitro 0.40.0 changes?

Matt Rose mattrose at folkwolf.net
Thu Nov 16 20:20:06 EST 2006

Sorry to be a bother about this guys, but now I'm getting an error  
message.  I kind of suspected this would happen, because of the params.

How did we decide parameters would be called now in the action now?

I have a setup page that takes form input, and passes it as GET  
params back to the same page.  When I pass it no params, it works  
great, but when I try and pass it params via a GET request, I get this:


Path: /setup
Wrong parameter count for setup().

the setup function in the controller looks like this:

def setup
     p request.params
     blogs = Blog.all
     p @blogs
     #should only be able to go here when there's nothing setup
     if request.params.empty? && Master.all.empty?
       @render_master_form = true
     if request.params.values.length == 4 && Master.all.empty?
     p Master.find_one
     @master = Master.find_one
     if request.params.length == 2

The request.params hash even shows up in the webrick output when I  
issue the GET request, but I still get that error.


Again.  This code *used* to work fine.  I looked through the  
migration document, and even took an admittedly cursory look through  
the source code, and mailing list archives to figure out how to fix  

Sigh.  I know everybody's trying their damnedest, and I know that  
Nitro is kind of a moving target right now, but, damn.

Off to pore through Nitro code.  I'll learn all this shit somehow.

Boy I'm whiny this week :)

On 15-Nov-06, at 11:08 PM, transfire at gmail.com wrote:

> Matt Rose wrote:
>> Where is this documented?
>> I have to say, I'm not very impressed right now.  right now, it looks
>> like all my work has to be re-written from scratch.    I've finally
>> figured out how to get my app to start, and the console is great to
>> work with, but I still can't get past the starting gate.
> I understand the feeling. It can be frustrating. And Nitro's been  
> going
> through a lot of changes over the last year. But thankfully with this
> and the next release that looks to finally settle down.
>> I have two classes.  Master is just a one-off table that holds some
>> meta-information.  It has no relations to any other table.  But while
>> I can use other models, I can't use this one.
>> here's the class.
>> class Master
>>    attr_accessor :title
>>    attr_accessor :description
>>    attr_accessor :user
>>    attr_accessor :pass
>>    def initialize(title,desc,user,pass)
>>      @title, at description, at user, at pass = title,desc,user,pass
>>    end
>>    def to_s
>>      @title
>>    end
>> end
>> class Blog
>> 	attr_accessor :title, String
>> 	attr_accessor :description, String
>> 	has_many :users, User
>> 	has_many :articles, Article
>> 	def initialize(title,description)
>> 	  @title, at description = title,description
>> 	end
>> 	def to_s
>> 	  @title
>> 	end
>> end
>> and here's the output.
>>>> matt-roses-computer:~/ruby/start mattrose$ nitro console
>> INFO: Og uses the Sqlite store.
>> /usr/local/lib/ruby/1.8/logger.rb:525:in `initialize':Errno::ENOENT:
>> No such file or directory - log/app.log
>>>> Blog.all
>> =>
>>>> Master.all
>> NoMethodError: undefined method `all' for Master:Class
>>          from (irb):2
>>          from :0
> I'm thinking Master is not getting "enchanted" by Og. Try adding the
> class types:
>  class Master
>    attr_accessor :title, String
>     attr_accessor :description, String
>     attr_accessor :user, String
>     attr_accessor :pass, String
>     def initialize(title,desc,user,pass)
>       @title, at description, at user, at pass = title,desc,user,pass
>     end
>     def to_s
>       @title
>     end
>  end
> And see how that effects it.
> T.
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